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Selecting Future Talents

Due to my other responsibilities and full trust in our organization, I rarely participate in recruitment interviews. Regarding this year's Trainees we made an exception, and I've participated in the interviews of our future Project Management Trainees. There is a reason why, and I thought I'd share it with you. 

As a general rule, we believe in skill testing. Of course previous background in the field and interviews play a very significant role in recruitment decision-making, but we also want to know more about the way the person works, how they solve problems etc. 

Behind the Scenes – Trainee Program Recruitments

Trainee program update

Trainee Program ads went live a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve received tons of applications and queries about the program. What has pleased me the most is that even the new positions in Project Management and Design have aroused such an interest. I decided that at this point I could share some of the highlights of the past weeks.

Trainee Experience at Exove

Trainee program wrapup

Summer is almost over and the school semester is starting, which means my stay as a developer trainee is coming to an end.

I can still vividly remember the moment I received the phone call confirming my employment at Exove and I’m glad I applied, because compared to my previous places of employment, Exove easily proved to be the most satisfying place to work so far.

Trainees are here!

Now we've reached the point in our Trainee Program that I was really looking forward to - the start. It's not that I didn't enjoy the preparations or wasn't impressed by the amount of interest our program has raised. Genuinely, I have to agree with all the surveys that praise the Finnish schooling system: the intelligence and skills that young talents have just amazes me.

The next generation – Exove Trainee Program

We receive open applications for Internship positions throughout the year, and I am personally proud that future talents are interested in us. This summer we decided to hire 3-5 Trainees that have basic skills in technology and desire to learn more through working in practice.

Instead of doing it the "traditional" way, and just hiring a pair or two of extra hands, we try to be different.