Klikkaa tästä 2.0 julkaistu

Klikkaa tästä. Internetmarkkinoinnin käsikirja 2.0 on Mainostajien Liiton juuri julkaisema uudistettu ja täydennetty painos kaikille markkinointiviestinnän ammattilaisille. Kirjan 312 sivua sisältävät tiukkaa asiaa muun muassa analytiikasta, lainsäädännöstä, verkkomainonnasta ja sosiaalisen median hyödyntämisestä.

Exoven toimitusjohtaja Janne Kalliola kirjoitti kirjan edelliseen versioon yritysten verkkosivuista. Uutta kirjaa varten Janne on päivittänyt lukunsa vastaamaan nykyhetkeä.

Kirjaan voi tutustua tarkemmin klikkaatasta.fi -sivustolla, josta sen voi myös tilata.

Season's Greetings!

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Per tradition, we have donated all our Christmas greeting funds to a good cause, and this year our money goes to WWF.

As mentioned in our wintery image, we are also moving at the end of the year. We will stay in the same Ruoholahti region in Helsinki, as there is plenty of technology and design companies here, and our staff really likes the neighbourhood.

Our new address is Itämerenkatu 1, sixth floor. More information about our new office to follow.

Verkkosivut kuntoon!

Toimitusjohtajamme Janne Kalliola puhui tänään aamulla Mainostajien Liiton Verkkosivut kuntoon! -seminaarissa Helsingin Messukeskuksessa. Aiheena oli yritysten verkkosivustot, niiden suunnittelu ja toteutus käyttäjä- ja liiketoimintalähtöisesti.

Kalvot löytyvät nyt Slidesharesta ja myös tästä alta.

Customer survey results 2012

September is a customer satisfaction survey month in Exove. This year we ran our fifth satisfaction survey, and got feedback from our clients. This post summarises the key findings from our analysis. Thank you for every respondent, we truly value your effort helping us to do better.

Our general ratings have stayed the same compared to the previous years, and around 85% of respondents were very satisfied or satisfied working with us. Our price / quality ratio was seen excellent or good by 75% of the clients, and about 5% thought that it is poor or bad. Both these numbers were improved by five percentage points from 2011.

Our services were rated excellent or good by more than 80% of respondents, and less than 10% saw that they were poor or bad. These numbers had a slight decline compared to the previous year's ratings. We got very good ratings on understanding our clients' needs, around 90% thought that we are doing excellent or good job.

Clients liked our staff, and we are seen as friendly and professional. The ratings improved a bit compared to 2011.

Around 85% of our clients would recommend us or has already done so. Also a bit 85% of the respondents would buy again from us.

Clients valued our professionalism, attitude, reliability, and flexibility. We were also regarded as agile, customer oriented, innovative, and fast. Thank you for these kind words.

If you feel that we could be a good — flexible, friendly, and professional — partner for you, get in touch with Janne Kalliola, +358 40 558 1796 or janne@exove.com.

Golf GameBook powered live scoring at the United States Collegiate Championship

Putting on USCC

The United States Collegiate Championship (USCC), hosted by Georgia Tech, annually brings 15 of the top college teams of the United States to The Golf Club of Georgia for a three-day, 54-hole tournament that has been called "the Masters of college golf." Our client, Golf GameBook presented a new revolutionary live scoring system for the tournament this year. 

Volunteers used the Golf GameBook app to enter scores for each player at the golf course. From the online leaderboards, everyone were able to follow the tournament hole-by-hole in real-time with a web browser. All the fans can now experience live scoring in college golf tournaments like never before.

Bruce Heppler, Head Coach, Georgia Tech Men's Golf, commented the use of Gamebook: "I think the addition of Gamebook to our live scoring menu was one of the real upgrades for this year's event. The graphics are tremendous and all those who used the application were very impressed."

Exove is a long-time technology provider for Golf Gamebook, and we implemented a number of USCC tournament specific features for the GameBook server in a matter of few weeks. Despite the short notice and the sheer number of groundbreaking changes in the system, the tournament scoring went smoothly and the live leaderboards on both web and mobile were a blast.

Golf Gamebook runs its on Drupal and the online clubhouse is powered by CodeIgniter, both implemented by Exove. Read more about Golf Gamebook from our case description. More photos of the event can be found on Golf Gamebook's Flickr photostream.

Creating a business-driven, responsive Drupal site - exove.com

Exove.com new front page

As you’ve probably you noticed we launched our new web site few weeks ago. The project involved creation of a new concept, complete responsive redesign, and implementation on Drupal open-source content management system – the best tool on the planet for this purpose. Responsive design means you can now use the site with mobile, tablet and laptop/desktop browsers and it adapts automatically to your screen size. If you’re reading this on your desktop or laptop, try making your browser window narrower to see how it works.

The project had various interesting aspects related to the concept, design, content, and not least to the technology behind the site, so we decided to post a series of articles to help you plan and execute similar projects. 

This first post talks about the web site creation process as a whole. We actually gave ourselves the same treatment we do for our clients and applied our unique process to create a beautiful, functional and business-driven web site:

  1. Understand the business: What’s the business we want to improve with the project, what is the brand we want to amplify, who are the other players in this field, and who are the people we’re creating the site for.
  2. Concept design: Based on the business, we created a concept for the site, which essentially captures the goals and defines the content, functionality and other aspects meaningful to the people visiting the site.
  3. Structure and user experience design in parallel with technical design: We gave the concept shape and form using responsive design model, and we laid out the technical principles without going into too much detail at this point.
  4. Implementation and testing: We implemented and tested the site on Drupal using our agile development process.
  5. Launch: Starting with an internal pilot to iron out all glitches, the project culminated to public launch where we made sure all traffic was redirected from our old site to the new one.
  6. Running the business and maintaining the site: Too often forgotten in web projects, one cannot just let the site run on its own after a successful launch. We’ve made sure the site integrates with our business processes like lead generation, we keep the content is fresh and optimized for search engines, and that we keep innovating and improving upon things that didn’t fit the initial site project. Technical hosting and maintenance service keep the site up and running, modules updated, the site protected against any security threats out there.

The upcoming articles will talk about the responsive design process, implementing the site using Drupal, and few other topics we hope you find interesting. Stay tuned!

If you got interested, drop us a line or call us and we’re happy to tell more.

Drupalcamp Helsinki presentations available

Drupalcamp Helsinki was held on Friday September 21st in Open Innovation House in Otaniemi. The camp was the first user of the brand spanking new building, and one can just applaud Aalto University for being so generous towards local Drupal community.

As usual, Exove had a couple of interesting presentations in the camp. Kalle Varisvirta spoke about high-performance sites with Drupal and Saku Sairanen presented Costume.fi case -- a mobile first, responsive design magazine site.

The slides have been uploaded to our Slideshare page, and are also available here:

Kalle Varisvirta, High Performance on Drupal 7 - An Anatomy of a Site

Saku Sairanen, Mobile First with Digital Brands, Responsive Design and Drupal -- Case: Costume.fi