Eazybreak received Innofinland award, granted by the President of Finland

Our customer, Eazybreak, received yesterday the Innofinland 2011 award. The award has been established 1994 and is granted annually.

The President of Finland Tarja Halonen acts as the patron of the project. The theme for Innofinland 2011 is "Intelligent systems and services – a better functioning world", and Eazybreak fits the bill very well. It is a new eco-system to manage all kind of fringe benefit paper vouchers by a digital IT-platform. Eazybreak will bring the payment itself to your mobile. This will reduce the manual work and cost dramatically for all the players in the value chain – employers, employees and service providers.

"We are very proud to win this highly valued Award after one year of commercial activity. To make innovations a commercial success requires brave and open-minded customers, well functioning domestic finance market and skilled partners. This is the right way to ensure that the innovative companies remain in Finnish ownership and can expand globally" says Jari Kivinen, CEO of Eazybreak Ltd.

Congratulations to Jari, Kai, Teija, Minna, and the rest of Eazybreak team! More in Helsingin Sanomat (Finnish only)

Haemme ohjelmistotestaajaa

Päivitys. Haku on suljettu. Kiitos kaikille hakeneille, olemme teihin erikseen yhteydessä.

Haemme kasvavaan tiimiimme Helsingissä ohjelmistotestaajaa. Vastaat web-sovellustemme vaatimusten hallinnasta ja testauksesta. Osallistut päivittäin vaatimusten keräämiseen asiakkailtamme, käyttö- ja testitapausten identifiointiin, testitapausten suoritukseen, ja yleiseen laadun varmistamiseen projekteissamme.

Lue tarkemmin työpaikasta.

Käsittelemme hakemuksia saapumisjärjestyksessä, joten lähetä omasi pian. Hakuaika päättyy 7.12.2011.

Cache Control module for Drupal

We have been working for several years with high-performance Drupal sites with a lot of authenticated users. Now we have packaged our experience into an advanced Drupal module, readily available for everyone at Drupal.org.

The name of the module is Cache Control and it is intended for integrating your site with the Varnish HTTP accelarator (and other external HTTP caches) in a fashion that not only allows for caching pageloads for anonymous users but also for authenticated users. It is a novel approach to increasing Drupal performance.

Read more at http://drupal.org/project/cache_control.