Better business on the Internet

One of our principle goals in every project is to ensure that our clients can perform better business on the Internet.

World is becoming widely digitalised, and most of the people are nowadays met easiest in the Internet. Companies can and need to make moves in the digital space, to both attract new customers and serve current ones better with lower costs.

Some industries, such as media and telecom, are going through a radical change of business models, and types of assets. In these companies, one needs to carefully assess the possibilities of moving or aligning business processes with the Internet, providing open APIs and other collaborative features to protect the main business from erosion by new Internet-based players.

Other industries need to have only a partial focus to the Internet -- but still be there with relevant audiences and in correct places.

For attracting new customers, banner and search engine advertisements will carry the message only a certain length -- there is no depth in the dialogue, and the customers are not integrated with the company in the web. This can be changed by providing compelling and value adding services that support and enhance the traditional business.

Moving parts of customer service processes to self-service over web is not easy, but on the long run can save a big amount of money -- for example, when service information is made available to everyone, and people help also each others instead of relying to top-down service model used in call-centers and other traditional systems. When the system is done right, people using the new system can do it quicker and more pleasantly, thus rising customer satisfaction.


The solutions our customers are looking for are seldom purely technical. They are a complex mesh of processes, concepts, user experiences, visuals, and systems. Most technology companies focus only on the latter, forgetting most of the rest.

We think that we need first and foremost to understand our customer's business, their strategies, and relevant trends in the Internet. The next step is to grasp the needed changes in the business and the processes driving it, either known by the customer or then proposed by us.

Based on these, we can together design the best approach to solve the challenges that the changes are bringing. When the approach is known, the rest is just design and implementation -- our bread and butter.