Integrating e-marketing to business infrastructure

On-going digitalization has achieved two major milestones: people are reachable in the Internet, and most of business processes are executed on top of software systems. Combining these two will open up both new opportunities and cost savings.

Internet as a medium is radically different from the other media; it is bidirectional, always available and easily connectable to other digital systems driving your business, such as customer relationship management or inventory systems.

When planning digital marketing actions, you need to consider the end-to-end process from page views and fancy flash animations to desired actions and their consequences in your back-end systems.

If a person wants to get a sample from a marketing website, you both capture the address and other information for future actions and also automatically signal your logistics partner to send the sample. Immediately, automatically. Not by collecting the addresses into Excel sheets and sending them three weeks after the campaign.

Or, if you are trying to book a meeting, the person is shown real-time booking information, in other words available slots, for immediate selection – instead of sending phone number by email to a sales rep that will call some day.

To prevail, marketing needs to be thought as the starting point of digital sales or customer relationship process – it feeds the latter parts with contacts, interests and profiles, for tailored services or automated actions. Adding value to the customer or reducing the cost of the process. Either way, the marketer wins.

When making decisions for your next digital campaign, make sure to check the integration capabilities of your advertising agency.