Minor update to Jaiku widget

The Jaiku Dashboard widget for Mac OS X got a minor update today. Jaiku has added an extra set of icons to accompany posts and now the widget has all new cool icons as well.

The once selected icon can be removed from the new post by clicking it once. Also the icon selection menu can be closed by clicking the cross at the lower right corner of the menu.

Go to Widget download page to get yours.

New customer reference: Blyk

BlykThis year and beyond, Exove has been supplying services and products to Blyk, the world’s first advertising funded telecom operator. Have you heard of it?

Blyk is a pan-European free mobile operator for young people, funded by advertising. For advertisers, Blyk is an innovative mobile media channel offering direct engagement with a young audience with real time feedback. Blyk was co-founded in 2006 by Pekka Ala-Pietilä and Antti Öhrling and has offices in Helsinki, Finland and London, UK. Blyk is launching first in the UK market in mid-2007, with other markets to follow.

Our role has been extensive in several technology areas to complement their teams -- including, for example, technology vendor and software system selection, software architecture design, web 2.0 and advertisement service concept development, user interface design and implementation, mobile tools design and development, and IT administration. Blyk also uses Exove’s technology that in some cases has been customised to fit to Blyk’s needs.

When asked for a quotation, Blyk’s head of strategy and business development Timo Ahopelto said: “Exove fits the bill exactly when you are developing something novel like the Blyk service. Evove’s solid technical experience couples well with their curiousness for all new things.”

Kari Penttilä, chief technology officer at Blyk continues: “Exove has been a key partner for us in shaping our technology platform. They are fast to attain comprehensive focus from the big picture to the detail, and swiftly move to the execution. It has been good to work with them.”

During the Blyk project, as well as with Jaiku and some other projects still under the hood, Exove has gained strong practical experience in combining mobile networks and phones with web 2.0 services.

Further, through Blyk and other customers we do know all elements at a large-scale mobile advertising technology platform. As an additional benefit, one of our partners has an advertising agency, so we have experience in both sides of the media fence: technology and advertising industry.

Got interested? Let’s talk.

Web 2.0 -sovelluskehittäjä haussa

Päivitys 9.10.2007: hakuaika on päättynyt. Kiitoksia kaikille hakijoille, olemme teihin yhteydessä pikapuolin.

Haemme alati kasvavaan joukkoomme osaavaa Web 2.0 -sovelluskehittäjää suunnittelemaan ja toteuttamaan asiakkaidemme web-palveluja.

Mikäli olet kiinnostunut Web 2.0:sta ja siihen liittyvistä ilmiöistä, teknologioista ja konsepteista, käy lukaisemassa ilmoitus ja laita postia tulemaan. Tarjoamme näköalapaikan alan kehitykseen Suomessa.

Jos nyt auki oleva paikka ei vastaisikaan osaamistasi, voit aina laittaa avoimen hakemuksen osoitteeseen jobs@exove.fi. Olemme jatkuvasti kiinnostuneita löytämään ns. hyviä tyyppejä.